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Missouri Compacts

The Missouri Compacts for Achieving Excellence are five unifying principles that inform and guide the universities and their strategic plans.

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Student Success

Student success

  • Increase academic quality and diversity
  • Encourage and support faculty who are committed to excellent teaching as a critical component of student success
  • Enhance learning experiences
  • Increase flexible paths to learning and degree completion
  • Increase professional development
  • Increase retention and graduation rates
  • Improve career outcomes
  • Increase access and affordability
  • Reduce debt at graduation and loan default rates
  • Enhance access to and quality of services to improve student mental health, physical well-being and financial wellness

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Research and Creative Works

Research and creative works

  • Enhance intellectual merit and scholarly contributions
  • Emphasize areas of broader impacts to promote education, outreach and benefits to society
  • Increase national faculty awards & recognition
  • Encourage collaborative interdisciplinary research across disciplines and campuses
  • Improve the transfer of our research innovations for the public benefit

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Engagement and Outreach

Engagement and outreach

  • Build and sustain campus climates that value the diverse backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives of all students, faculty, and staff
  • Develop effective programs for educational, scientific, health, cultural, economic and social outreach with local, state, and global communities
  • Establish innovative partnerships with industry, government and non-profit organizations for economic workforce development
  • Leverage Extension programs to translate the research and teaching activities at our universities to citizens of Missouri and beyond
  • Engage our constituencies to achieve our objectives and to serve as advocates
  • Encourage collaborative interdisciplinary innovation and entrepreneurship across disciplines and campuses to lead to economic development



Inclusive Excellence

Inclusive excellence

  • Ensure increased access and success of undergraduate, graduate and professional students from diverse backgrounds, life histories, and abilities
  • Recruit, retain, and promote faculty and staff from diverse backgrounds, life histories, and abilities
  • Design challenging courses, curricula, and learning opportunities for students at all levels to prepare them for global citizenship and work
  • Create challenging and engaging professional development opportunities to increase faculty and staff multicultural competencies and create inclusive learning environments
  • Create a university climate that is supportive, respectful, and values differing perspectives and experiences
  • Redesign policies and processes to remove barriers to inclusion and equity

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Planning, Operations and Stewardship

Planning, Operations and Stewardship

  • Develop long-term planning processes for operating and capital needs
  • Create measures of accountability visible to all stakeholders
  • Develop processes, practices and policies that ensure efficiencies and collaborations across the four campuses of the UM System
  • Optimize organizational structures to achieve research, teaching, and engagement objectives

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Reviewed 2024-03-11