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Academic Affairs

Supports the academic endeavors of the institution to ensure quality and accessibility.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Collaborates to promote diversity and inclusion in functional areas across the organization.

Engagement and Outreach

Connects systemwide efforts to citizens and Missouri communities.


Conducts financial planning and management, as well as general administration.

General Counsel

Provides legal counsel to the board of curators and university system.

Government Relations

Lobbies at the state and federal level for the four universities, MU Extension and MU Health.

Human Resources

Manages systemwide human resources, including benefits, retirement, policy and organizational development.

Information Technology

Maintains the information technology infrastructure, services and equipment.

Research and Economic Development

Advances the growth and vitality of the Missouri economy.

Strategic Communications

Coordinates internal and external communications efforts on behalf of the central administrative offices.

Transformation Management

Assesses and innovates internal procedures to ensure efficent and proper stewardship of resources.

Reviewed 2019-08-05